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Balparmak Turkish Pine Tree Honey Snap & Squeeze 7g x 18 sachet (2 Boxes)

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Balparmak Snap & Squeeze Pine Honey, 1st in Malaysia , SNAP AND SQUEEZE imported natural pine honey . We are international recognised honey packing company in the world that ranking NO 4 , in size and capacity.

Balparmak Pine Honey blend has won Global Award : Superior Taste Award , WorldStar Winner Award, Top Quality Medal (QUDAL) for Honey – Five-star status for Number 1 in Quality.

Agean Pine Honey differ from other type of honeys in terms of chemical content, physical feature and health benefits.

-Pine honey has high PH level, prevents the bacteria growth that causes infections.

-Rich in vitamin A, honey is a valuable source of iron and calcium.

-Pine honey has high antioxidant level.

-Rich in terms of proteins and amino acids.

Due to above features, it is preferable for apitherapy (treatment with bee products). Pine Honey has a darker colour and hardly crystallizes. It contains more natural enzymes, amino acids and minerals. For this reason, it is also preferred in child nutrition. Pine honey has better average values from blossom honey and acacia honey types in terms of minerals and anti-oxidant capacity.


More than 12 times of Acacian

Honey Potassium Content

6 times of Blossom Honey


6%4 more than Blossom Honey


Nearly 5 times of Acacian Honey

3 times of Blossom Honey


Nearly 7 times of Acacian Honey

5 times of Blossom Honey


Nearly 2.5 times of Acacian

61% more than Blossom Honey

Phenolic Content &Total Antioxidant Capacity

Twice of Acacian Honey Phenolic

Nearly 3 times of Accacian honey

Antioxidant Capacity

  • 2 boxes of Balparmark Turkish Pine Tree Honey Snap & Squeeze
  • 7g X 18 sachets X 2 boxes.
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